Fouth of July Round About

Fantastic Fourth of July this year!  THe day began at Ano Nuevo beach with yummy sandwiches (yea for Hummus) and a bit of exploring.  After lunch i got to sit and knit.  Good progress was made on the Ripple Blanket.  On down side...i managed to burn the hell out of my legs on the tops of my feet and the back of my hands that were perfectly under the sun for 3 hours while i knit, knit, knit.  I will be rocking the Aloe Vera for a few weeks ; )

My feets & the Ripple Blanket @ Ano Nuevo Beach    Jason higher than the water

From there we drove down along the coast and happened by a "U-Pick" Strawberry farm!  We picked for a few hours and ended up with 4 pounds of berries for dessert later, yummy.  I had never been to a u-pick farm and it was super fun to walk around and only grab the individual fruit that you felt was ripe and ready.  It was neat to look at all of the berries in their different stages of development from the tiny white berries to the clearly should have been picked last week berries.

White Berries!    Me with the Haul

The day ended with watching the fireworks at Half Moon Bay.  They have a fantastic show that had great color as well as different styles of fireworks.  I would totally recommended it.  Also the areas wasn't super crowded and there was tons of great food places down in the Half Moon Bay Marnia (great viewing spot for the fireworks).

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