New Scarf for the Man

Started a new scarf for the b-friend. I'm using a diagonal"broken" rib pattern and knitting it in the same yarn as the hat made for him last month. So far so kay, i've only had to rip out parts and i'm already about 10% of the way done. Yea! Pictures to come...

Socks and Stitch Holders

The Yoga socks are done, i'll post pic's later, and now i'm holding myself up because i don't have any other long stitch holders to continue working on the sweater. Arg! I need to head down to the Daiso and get some wire. They probably have craft wire at Michaels too, maybe that will be the activity for leaving the house on this fine day...


Sorry for all the posts, trying to catch up from the crazy busy week, which included a ready to be forgotten horrible High School reunion...but back to fun and pretty things - SWEATER~NESS. Progress is still being made, damn do sweaters take a long time to complete and they are totally not BART friendly. Luckily I've had plenty of tv episodes to watch sitting in front of my computer (Breaking Bad and Sarah Conner Chronicles are the enablers) while i knit my sweater up.

I've hit a road block. I need more stitch holders to keep the top of the sweater front together while i work on the sleeves. The dilemma isn't getting more, it's how. I was all set to go out and purchase some, until i came across this post about how to make them. Of course i read this 2 days after i went on a outing to the Daiso in Union City. I show take it as a sign that i need to go back and enjoy the land of plastic boxes once again, this time walking out with some wire for stitch holders ; )

Yoga Socks?

So i came across this pattern on Ravelry for Yoga/Pilates socks and thought - OMG, how have i lived without these! So since i'm not a small yarn kinda gal and i already had some Noro - Silver Thaw (Pictured Balled) i'm going to give it a go! This will be the new BART/Lunch project if the new books don't prove to be totally engrossing, or if i can manage to do both. Marie Antoinette book was the perfect weight to hold itself open in my lap while i was knitting Jason's hat. The yarn is a beautiful green and violet. I can't wait for warm feet in the morning while I "roll over the ball".

Mushroom Wristlet

Finished the body for the first Mushroom Wristlet! This was my first adventure with color, that wasn't strips on a hat, and steeking. I've only knit up the body of the first one so far. I think the second one will go pretty fast, but i'm super nervous about the steeking part where i cut my BEAUTIFUL wristlet up into pieces! No turning back from that. Luckily they're small and could be re-done easily.

Notice the slightly sad and wavy bottom. I didn't manage to keep my tension very well. This was a lot of firsts including using size 0 needles and the magic loop technique. Again, learning, but not too shabby

Hat tiz Done

And here it is! All finished with the basic "new" beanie for da man. It went pretty fast once i got motivated. Now I need to make the matching scarf...but i'm totally going to be a slacker about that since it's been such beautiful weather here that i can't imagine he'd wear it any time soon. Back to the sweater!

Moving right along...down Hat Street

Good progress made on the hat tonight watching the long way down. I think i'm about 30% or so done with it. Good fit at the basic 80 stitches.

Back is Done ;p

So here it is. I finished the back panel last night. I was totally confused at first on how they were asking me to shape the neck, thought the armhole was going to come out too small...but it all worked out!