Ready for Class

I'm in Taos, settled into a decent little hotel (after fleeing the 1st place that i am apparently allergic to), and super excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow = Day 1 of Natural Dying Class. YEA!!! I've got gloves, way to much paper, new cute "The Great Pumpkin" 80's slip pencils from Target (in the dollar bins). Also it appears that there are TONS of yarn stores, and general fun stuff to check out, all over the place in Taos. Goal tomorrow is after class to hit La Lana Wools. Multiple people have already mentioned it while i've been here, which is less than 12 hours.

Back to the Airport

Back from Russia...all packed for Taos.  You'd think i loved traveling, which is partially true.  I love doing "stuff".  Be that stuff visiting 400+ year old cathedrals in Moscow or sportin the sun hat in New Mexico checking out some fiber.

Russia was amazing.  So amazing that i took over 1000+ pictures and need to spend some serious time trying to figure out where each icon is from.  Fingers crossed i can work on it while in Taos, but i think that's being overly optimistic.  Russia also produced a pair of socks!  Cast on morning of, and grafted the toes when we got back.

The Taos Fiber Festival is this week!  I signed up for a natural dying class and have spent the last two months convincing them that 2 people is plenty for the two day class and that cancelling the class would really suck (yea for special attention while learning new things).  I got confirmation last night that the class is still on and to bring some gloves.  I'm super first step into the world of dying fiber and yarn.  As a kid my science fair project was on fruit and vegetable dyes, forcasting?  I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!  I will arrive in Alburquerque this afternoon and make the drive up to Taos.  I've heard even the drive is beautiful : )