Sewing Kick & Buttonhole Phobia's

Yep. I've caught the sewing bug, and am totally enjoying it! It's been awhile since the sewing machine was out for anything that wasn't Double Vision costuming, but this has helped allow me to actually enjoy the rush pajama sewing project for my brother. They are coming out super cute! I was able to break away from work a bit early today and got the entire shirt sewn together, minus buttons and buttonholes.

I am was totally terrified of sewing buttonholes. I some how have managed to avoid ever performing the buttonhole function on a home sewing machine in 20+ years of sewing. I'm fine on the super sleek industrial, computer type, automatic buttonhole machines in factories i've worked in. No worries! Well this project has forced me to face the buttonhole fear. Earlier this evening I took out a piece of scrap fabric and just went for it. Voila! It actually worked! I made a buttonhole! YEA!!! Now i need to make four more in the right positions without screwing up on the REAL garment which is pretty scary...but i have conquered the first step.

While out buying fusing for the pajamas i picked up some 8oz denim to use as the border fabric for the Star Wars quilt. It's coming together. Too bad i can't take my sewing machine on the lengthy plane rides. Thank goodness, there's yarn : )

PJ's for Anime Expo

I started working on the pj's for my brother today. The progress was good! Pattern was separated into piles. Fabric was washed and run through the dryer. Pattern was pinned and cut out!
Tomorrow will be a funtastic night of fusing and starting to sew, and sew, and sew...

He wants to wear PJ's the_whole_time at Anime Expo over 4th of July. So as the sewer in the family i volunteered to sew him some awesome PJ's. Here is an image of the fabric he picked. It's AWESOME!!!
Supposedly he has these "cow eating your feet" slippers that he is going to sport with the old skool pj's all weekend. Nice. Finished, on the brother, pictures to follow ; )

TV Knitting | Mission Accomplished

TV knitting doesn't always get a lot of progress out of me. I'm not super big on the sitting and watching part of it, but luckily every now again there is something good and totally worth getting into. I've been watching Torchwood, a show that airs on the BBC, awesome! It's a Dr. Who spin off, really more of a fantasy show with a sci-fi twist. It's good!

One of the best things about it is I've done tons of TV knitting while J and i sped through the first season...allowing me to finish the camo spiral blanket this morning. Yea!

Camo Spiral Blanket

This was a re-cycle project using an existing blanket i had previously knit back when i first started. I've always loved the idea of a camo throw blanket, but the tension on the original blanket just wasn't right. I'm super happy with the way that this turned out, and it only took me 3 months ; ) Now i can get started on the Christmas blankets for the family. With 5 months til Christmas i_just_might make it.

Da Club Covers

I've finished the first out of a set of three "Star Wars Golf Club Covers" for Jason. The goal is to finish all of them before his family reunion in July...wish me luck! I've improvised a basic club pattern that came out pretty good! A basic 2x2 rib for the base with a plain stockinette stitch for the top. I decided to make the club head part double knit. It worked out great for the rebel insignia as it eliminated any fair isle work from the project. For R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon there will be a bit of color work, but it's pretty minimal. This is the first double knit project i've done, and it's great! I really like hoe it adds some depth to the project without increasing the stitch size. Pictures to follow : )

A Yarn-tastic Day

Today has been wonderfully full of yarn and casually hanging out. I started off by heading over to A Verb for Keeping Warm's Open Studio today. Awesome stuff! I managed to walk away with just a bit of yarn. Well...not small yardage, but definitely awesome stuff. I don't know yet what it will become, but i know it'll be great : )

Then it was over to the Temescal Street Fair for a walk through the vendors. I still can't believe how popular cuff links are right now. Crazy! More vintage button stuff, and a bunch of bad tee's. I've been an awful consumer lately (except for yarn), things just haven't been exciting. After a walk around i headed into Article Pract to pick up some yarn for J's Club covers. This should be interesting...Star Wars Fair Isle Golf Club Covers? Wish me luck!

And i just couldn't refuse...some rainbow sock yarn for myself. Now i just need to quit my job so that i can knit all_of_the_time!