Knit, Knit, Purl, Purl ... that's what makes ... the hat go round

I love that song in the sword and the stone.  Something about people fish, but i still prefer the purple dragons (even if they are against the rules).  This always inspires me to want to do some basic knitting project while i bob my head back and forth singing the only three of four lines i know from the whole song.  Que the hat orders!!!  I have started beanie #1 on the order list from friends and family in a beautiful Brown/Gray Color Way of Noro Silk Garden, so soft and gorgeous ... but still quite manly so totally boy appropriate.  This will be a standard 2 x 2 rib beanie.  It was begun late Wednesday night while i burned through the 3rd quarter of Twilight holding the book open with my toes ... multitasking at it's finest!!!  The hat will be worked on while i'm here in Albuquerque and hopefully finished by the plane ride home on Sunday.

I am *really* enjoying all of the knitting i've been getting to this month, so relaxing and productive!

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