Doll Dress Beginnings

There are a great many occasions for outfits in the next coming months.  Everyone has heard me mention Steam-Con at the end of October.  This being a fair amount earlier than dickens and consisting of 3 full days and 2 nights worth of costuming opportunities i have shut myself away in my house until then to sew, sew, sew.  And so far 'tis good!  The first outfit I am working on is one of the "evening" outfits.  This will be a true costume, not just period dress.  I am working on a "Doll Dress" starting from the Truly Victorian #TV432 - 1882 Tea Gown.  Here is the second fitting.  Not tons of changes, but one major one was to remove a waist dart and add a bust dart.  The dress just didn't hang right over my bust until i did this.

After a couple of muslin fittings i was ready to cut the goods.  Last night i cut out all of the self (heavy natural muslin) and lining (hunter green cotton twill) out of the pattern.  My thumb hurt so bad!  I don't know why i didn't use the rotary cutter!!!  Tonight i got through the initial sewing pains flat lining the back panels and stitching them together.  The twill add an enormous amount of stiffness and weight to the dress really improving the shape.  So far?  Very *happy*!

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