... progress realised!!!

Here are pic's of the current sweater progress. For the very first sweater i've EVAR made...i'm pretty stoked ; )

My sweaters FIRST closeup!

The progress i've made so far over the beautiful quilt my grandma made me for me 16th b-day.

I think i'm about 10% done, so far so good! This is totally awesome and inspiring of hope that i could make other pretty thing in the future.


Making progress on the sweater, pictures to follow. So far so kay. My tension is a little un-even, but nothing that will kill me. It's a super pretty color of green. Also found out that I was supposedly to change back to smaller needles after a few rows...and haven't. Oh well! The sweater will be a tiny bit larger on me.

Sweater Woes

This will be the first attempt at a sweater ... patience young padawon learner.

I started with the right size...all ripped out. This pattern is about 1-1/2 sizes big. So down i've gone down and am recasting on using the smallest size. This should be interesting as i'm definitely not that size, but from the gauge test i'm on and i did the match against it = Smallest size.

What to do with the extra yarn...

Adorable Headbandedness

Here is me modeling the wonderful~ness that is my first knitted headband. I've had this yarn for over 2 years, have knit countless things with it...and just never had enought yarn to finish a whole project. It was seriously getting considered for Goodwill or the trash. But poof! Headbands! I'd have never guessed it. Well i love it and have already worn it to work. It's SOOO cute.

It was totally a light over the weekend here and there knitting project. This went super fast. Nice change before i get into ... da da da daaaaaaaaaa ... the sweater of doom!

SUPER Productive

Today was the day for finishing projects. Both the headband and the seed stitch scarf are COMPLETE!!! Pictures to follow. The headband is soooo cute!!!


The yarn to start my sweater has arrived!!! This is super exiting! I'm going to make this damn thing if it kills me. So be forewarned all you knitters i know out there ... i'll probably have called all of you multiple time by the end of next week because i'll be so confused. Positive thoughts! It will be beautiful, well at least the yarn is. This is the first time i've worked with something more ribbon like and less spun strands. I hope i can keep it on the needles as easily.

The present to me of interchangeable knitting needles should arrive next week. I'm thinking they will make things a lot better, and less dis-organized.

New Day ... New Way

Tonight i dusted off the computer and looked up how to do continental knitting. It just looks faster. Found some awesome videos here for both the knit and purl stitches in continental. It's totally faster for the seed stitch scarf i'm trying to work on. We'll have to test it out on the lace scarf tomorrow morning...

Also think that double knitting is coming soon. There are a number of adorable scarfs that are knit in the round, but i'd rather try to double knit them. Found a binary scarf for Jon and a space invaders scarf for tim (maybe).

Current Status:
Seed Stitch scarf is going well - need more yarn to finish and then knit head warmer
Black Lace Scarf is going well - need more time to sit with this alone, minus distractions

Ravelry | Konichiwa!!!

Got my Ravelry invite this morning and couldn't wait to get home and start checking everything out. AWESOME!!! I've been camped out in front of my computer for over an hour now just browsing patterns, people, and signing up with groups.

Finally found the "right" (meaning cute) sweater book to get me to actually sit down and start a big project Louisa Harding ~ Venezia: Felice Mai Dopo. I'm going to start with "Florian", which is a beautiful plain pull over sweater with a lacy pattern along the sweep and sleeve openings. It's shown in the book in green and i love the color, so after a few hours of searching on the internet i finally found the one person left on this planet that had the color and enough skeins to let me keep the dream alive ; ) All should be arriving from the UK by end of next week. It's so exciting!!!

Also decided i deserved some nice inter-changeable circular needles. Ordered these from Knitpicks.com ... another item to soon arrive in the mail. I love presents. Back to the search for the right pattern for the scarf - Ravelry is addictive.