Finished Hand Goods for Friends

Two holiday gift projects were finished yesterday in the last stint before i took off to spend the Christmas at Disney World with my family, today ; )

First - a Needle Roll made from cute Japanese fabrics from  This was super fun to put together.  It was done in less then 3 hours start to finish!  I found an awesome tutorial here.


Second - i am finally parting with some stitch markers i've made.  These are modeled from my first set in white and purple flowers.  I've placed them in an Altoids tin to keep them together.  14 markers and 2 clip on leads.  I printed a vintage photo and placed it on the top of the Altoids tins...but can't show it as it's a total giveaway, and these haven't been passed to their new owner yet.

Coding Progress | Weekend Update

The binary Scarf has been under way for a looonnnggg time.  This weekend afforded lots of knitting time for the scarf, and much progress was made!  I now am 75% done and have a 5' long scarf!

Today was a PERFECT knitting and tea day...and my friend must be psychic as she invited me over for those particular reasons a week ago.  It was a beautiful day of rain and knitting goodness.  I made super amounts of progress on the scarf for my brother, ate amazing homemade apple sauce bread & tofu tacos, and enjoyed catching up with a good friend.

Now to some how finish everything in time for Christmas.  I'm starting to agree with everyone about cutting back the gifty holiday knitting, but it can be soooo much fun.

The Next Purple Thing

Two weeks ago a trip to NY meant a new portable knitting project...queue the socks!  I've actually looked forward to my work travel lately as it gives me time to do some personal knitting.  Luckily for me, blankets are too big to take and work on during a flight, so another project had to be started to fill the time.  I looked through my sock queue on Ravelry and came across "Snowflakes".  I'd never done a lacy type sock, so it was swatched and cast on.  They've been needy and requiring some attention (these are tv knitting socks)!  Since i finally finished my parents blanket for Christmas i gave myself this week to work on whatever i wanted and the socks have made good progress.  Next week it's back to the Binary Scarf for the Bro...

Two Day Winter Ocean Hat

Hat was started on Monday, finished Tuesday night, and worn on Wednesday.  I like these quick projects that turn out real product in less then a week.  Don't get me wrong, i love me some blankets with weeks/months of knitting to look forward to...but i also love starting something and getting to wear it while i'm still SUPER excited about it.

Project info
Name: Winter Ocean Hat
Pattern: Stella's hat by Melissa LaBarre
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Me!

Needle and yarn

Needle: US 9 / 5.5 mm
Yarn: Punta del Este Yarns Punta Del Este South American Cotton Hand Painted
How much? 1.9 skeins = 125.4 yards (114.7m)
Colorway: Blue/Green HP02
Purchased at: ImagiKnit in San Francisco, California