Doll Dress | Flat Lined and with Sleeves

The doll dress is coming along fantastically!  Everything has been cut out, the body and sleeves have been flat lined and sewn together.  Next will be to set the collar and the facings.  I was thinking of adding some pockets...but looking at it i don't know how they'd come out...will keep thinking.  By the weekend i should be able to start working on "patching" the dress, sewing small squares of the vintage stamp fabric onto the dress in random places and starting to make the dress look more lived in.  Currently the Black and White Petticoat is under the dress.  It works, but it would be nice to have a petticoat that was a bit fuller to help the dress to have a full sweep.  If time permits a petticoat will be sewn.  Also (and/or) thinking about drawers?  Lastly for the head/hat planning to make bows to tie into my hair that are very simple, but still period and clean.  I'm going for a "how a scientist would dress their new creation, late 19th century" so a weird cross between woman and young girl come to mind with a complete lack of fashion sense, where the creation has made a few modifications and kept up the garment themselves.


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