A Beautiful weekend of kites, knitting, and unexpected detours

The weekend was awesome!  I met friends at the Berkeley Kite Festival @ the Marina and had an awesome watching the purty kites and knitting on a rainbow scarf.  There were at least 12 different octopi and squid in the sky, the giant inflatable style kites, just hovering all day.  There were tons of small kids with tiny kites.  One family even had a "butterfly" kite.  Literally a small shape cutout the size of a butterfly, so yes...the kite was no more then 3" x 3"!!!  Awesome!!!  There were spinny kites, there were kites that could have flown off on their own and made crop circles prior to returning to the mothership, there were kites that looked like pirate ships, and last but not least ... there was an ATM in the middle of all of it.  So silly i had to take a pictures.  How many ATM shots do you get in your life with the ocean in the background : )

The Patroitic Kites  Preparing to race against the wind  ATM by the Beach ... NICE!!!

Sunday was less fun, but very much a continuation of a journey.  My last trip to NY for work.  I have no others planned and don't think with the economy that there will be any others anytime soon.  The thunderstorms made our plane wait and circle for a few hours while it doused NYC well and good.  It even made us run out of fuel so we had to set down in Allentown, PA to wait it out.  nearly 4 hours later we took back off.  Needless to say i got to know my row mates much better and was able to finish the scarf i had started on Saturday at the kite festival while getting in a lot of time listening to David Copperfield...all in all not too shabby.  I was exhausted when i finally got to the hotel at 1am (should have been here at 6pm), but all is well that ends in a fully knitted project.

Knitting Scarf Kite!  Rainbow Scarf  Rainbow Scarf - S.P.

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