Black and White Petticoat Nearly Done!!!

True test to see how fast i can sew, i cut out and began a Victorian Petticoat on Saturday and am very proud to say that i am nearly done!  Including the "extra" bits i decided it needed.  I used the Truly Victorian pattern #TV170, View B "1877-1882 Natural Form".  I'm not a huge fan of the bustle, and am quite happy to continue to minimize the need for a bustle when ever possible, thus most of my Victorian Clothes fit into the Natural Form (1877-1882) and Bell Epoch (1890-1897) periods where there was either just a bit o' bustle or none (my preference).

I had found a fantastic black on white printed fabric during my Longs excursion in Oakland that i paired with a plain black fabric for good contrast.  I have finished nearly all of the sewing!!!  I decided to add a 1/2" wide strip down the front/side seams on both sides to help break up the print and it looks much better.  Kat had recommended all White stitching and i'm glad i went for super helps it pop and otherwise those pintucks would have been for not.  The seams are french seams mostly and the entire garment is lined.  I did a small amount of cheating as parts are more in the style of flat lined and others are pretty lining clean finished (darts are all inside with no way to escape).  Here are some progress pictures...

Front - AND - Back
(missing the bottom ruffle and waistband)

Front of Victorian Petticoat   Back of Victorian Petticoat

Extra Black Taping along seam - AND - Pintucks!!!

Close up of Binding on Petticoat    Pintucks on Petticoat 

How clean/pretty the skirt is on the inside

Beautiful Clean finished inside