The Brown Twill Adventure

While in NY this week and ran over to Mood as *soon* as my teaching was over the first day i was here. I had about 30 minutes to search three full floors for the perfect Brown Twill to match the beautiful Homespun fabric purchased for the 1887 Wool Checked Costume. After 20 minutes i decided that my eyesite was poor that that i was going to leave it up to the professionals. I tracked down a sweet gal with a pair of neon scissors on a neon grow grain ribbon over her shoulder...awesome!!! I handed her the swatched and asked her to please find me a medium weight twill that was less than $15 a yard. Two minutes later i had 14 yards of just such a thing, super rockin!

Now i just have to cart 14 yards of the perfect brown twill onto a plane a few more times before it goes back to Berkeley to be match up with it's buddies and to let the sewing begin!

All of the picture look awful in the icky hotel lighting so pictures will follow after the weekend excited of the party in Albuquerque.

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