Things to do with Lemons: Meet the Lemon Tree

This is the first in a new "series" for me entitled "Things to do with Lemons".  Some have tasted the magical lemons from the new house and others will soon.  I have been "blessed" with a very productive Meyer Lemon Tree in my new backyard.  While i may not be able to live in my house yet (see my naked house), this has not relieved me of Lemon duty.  Each weekend since mid February i have been at the house mowing the lawn and picking lemons.  Luckily the Lawn is down to a manageable length from it's original 20" - 30" height in front and back, the lemon tree is showing no signs of backing off it's 2 large shopping bags of ripe lemons a week.  Each time i've been at the house in the last month there have been more and more flowers and little green baby lemons on the tree, it's pure madness.

With my drive to reduce waste and not throw away perfect good items, i have been motivated to do many things with my new found fountain of lemons and thought i could share my lemon journey so my friends can get inspired to find fantastic things to do with lemon themselves (remember that i have *more* than enough to share!).  Also i would love to hear what *you* do with lemons or anything else growing in your yard.  It is super rewarding to use foods that you grew yourself both in dishes for your family as well as things to take to work or parties.  There is a magic to being able to say "I grew this".

Here is the beautiful Meyer Lemon Tree in all it's glory

My Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree Flowering


Inder-ific said...

Oh, the tree has a lovely shape, too! What a beaut.

You can't see it in these photographs, but I'm here to say that the lemons are themselves especially beautiful - large, round, with perfect, unblemished rinds. Lovely, lovely.

Maia Discoe said...

Meyer lemons are so wonderful! My ideas for lemons: lemon curd, lemon pudding cake, lemoncello, preserved lemons, marmelade, and they are fabulous in cocktails (mmmmm, lemon drop).

Fabulous Pants said...

If you have 40 or so to spare at some point, I was going to try canning a strawberry lemonade concentrate out of my canning books. I have been trying to get a source of free lemons for some time on Neighborhood fruit, but people never write me back. :P If you are interested in the recipe and canning instructions I am happy to forward them your way.

dre_ah said...

Fantastic ideas!!! Some of these have been in the works and are coming soon like marmalade, lemoncello, and tasty vegan lemon desserts.

Fabulous Pants - I think i have 40 to spare. I'd love a trade or maybe a canning session with you : ) Email me

Mona Madry said...

My sister has a lemon tree also and she's been making sorbet, granita and strawberry lemonade with her lemons. (It's almost 90 degrees here.) Earlier she was making lemon bars. I can get the recipes from her if you're interested in any of them!