House Week 3: Bare Bones

So far i haven't lost my mind...though i do believe that it will all happen in due time.  I have managed to lose all of the walls, ceiling, and floors in my house.  Luckily all of this was done on purpose my father tells me.  It is very exciting to finally be done with the removal phases and to be moving on to the beginning of building onto the bare bones of the house.

This week they will dig and pour the new foundation for the house that i've been told can withstand a 9.0 earthquake and support a second story if i ever build up the desired to go through a massive remodel ever again.  Not much to show as we are finally down to just the studs in the walls and the team begins digging for the new foundation.  Next week should have foundation pictures!

My Naked House from the Street
Wk3: Front SE Corner, Down to the Studs

Some Neat Floor Bracing
Wk3: What it looks like without a floor

Still intact Sunroom (i can't wait to get rid of)
Wk3: The Sun Porch still kinda intact


Fabulous Pants said...

Wow! I cannot believe that you have taken it down this far! I am glad to get to watch this process and hear about it. My husband and I almost bought a huge two story Victorian in central Illinois. Somewhere between the four foot pile of coal dust that we would have to water regularly and having to jack up the house for a new foundation, we lost our nerve and passed. I wish you the best of luck on this. :)

Inder-ific said...

All I can say is: "Whoa." Naked indeed. Also, renovate again? Add a second story? Forget childbirth - I think you're going to need some SERIOUS AMNESIA before finding yourself "wanting to renovate" again. Of course, just like childbirth, the results could well be so smashing and wonderful that you forget all of the pain ...