Sylvar is DONE!!!

Sylvar Finished!!!I've finished my latest and definitely greatest sweater.  I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.  I did a lot of shaping to me work on the front and back panels and it fits of so fantastically!  I can't wait to start the next major project ... the Turtle Skirt ... in between my crocheting of wash washers mania.

So far the sweater has been worn twice to work and i truly would be wearing it more if the weather didn't turn to sunny and 70's the minute i finished it.  Sylvar is a perfect Berkeley sweater.  It has a tons of breathe-ability with the open knit leafy design on the body and sleeves letting me get the perfect amount of air while out riding my bike around town and along the bay.  The bands at the bottom and sleeve openings are just knit and purl opposite rows so it went super fast and they stay where they're put.  So no soaked sleeves while washing the dishes!

Lastly it is a tank top sweater, meaning that it needs one of my 500 different tank tops to be worn under it thus giving me an excuse to put on a tank top in the middle of January or any time it's raining without feeling like a So Cal freak!  I love my tank tops and can't wait to be able to cycle through them all year with the help of my new sweater.

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