House Week 4 & 5: Foundation and a Trim

Beginnings of my new Foundation
Weeks 4 and 5 were mostly spent digging and getting inspections for the new foundation.  The "pads" have been dug and pored.  I'm told these are the parts that sit at various positions under the house and will hold it up long term and while they knock out the old foundation to replace it.  Also the outline for the addition has been dug out for the new foundation that i believe will be poured in the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately i am at a super inspection heavy point in the process so things are moving a bit slower than i would prefer.  But slow has not meant idle.  Friday afternoon i was greeted by a non-leaking water spikit at the front of the house ... so i now have access to water all of the time ... yea!!!  Also the "forest" of backyard with nearly four foot tall grass was on the list to be destroyed my moi this weekend.  Best present of the week was seeing a beautifully and freshly weed-whacked yard that required no additional work from me.  The trimmed yard looks huge!

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