Quick Sewing for a Baby Shower: Receiving Blankets

I didn't use to be such a procrastinator.  I swear!  Christmas presents use to be started in June, i was 2 minutes early for meetings, and i knew where the hammer was at all times.  Something since buying a house has put me on the late bus for the last few months, and unfortunately getting cute stuff for a friends baby shower was no different.  Thursday afternoon i decided that a handmade gift was required for baby shower that was starting in 72 hours and proceeded to poke my brain for suggestions that would be quick, practical, and reasonably priced.  Receiving blankets!  What could be better than, medium sized blankets that are super washable?  Nothing when you have about one hour to complete said handmade gift.

One of the reasons this gift only took 15 minutes to make was a beautifully dust covered item of mine ... the surger.  If you are surger-less do not fear!  This project could also be done using a single needle machine with a tight zig-zag stitch along the edge instead of the over-lock.

Receiving Blankets 101

  • 1 Yard of Light Weight Flannel, minimum width 36" (per blanket)
  • Thread for sewing along the cut edge
  • Scissors (for cutting said thread)
  • Paper (for curve template)
  • Radial cutter (could substitute scissors instead)

How to:

   1. Wash the fabric on hot.  This is critical to remove as much shrinkage as possible and to ensure the fabric is de-linted as much as possible.
   2. Dry the fabric on hot.  Same thinking as above with getting the shrinkage out.
   3. Cut out a square of fabric 36" x 36".  Here you can substitute any measurements as desired for the blanket.
       If using a radial cutter it's best to pair it with a metal ruler.
       (NOTE: There is no Seam Allowance for the blanket as we will be sewing along the edge)

Receiving Blankets: Cutting the Square

   4. Cut a template for the curved corner out of paper by folding it in 8th's and cutting the folded corner off as shown below.
       Or ... find an object to use as the shape of the corner and cut following the shape.

Receiving Blankets: Making a template for the rounded corner    Receiving Blankets: Cutting Corners

   5. Sew!  If you have a serger, use it.  This took me about 2 minutes per blanket (3 in less than 10 minutes!!!)
       If no serger pull out the good 'ole single needle machine with a zig-zag setting.
       Set the stitch width to max and the length to one of the smaller settings to get good coverage along the edge
       To start pick a side near a corner, but not too close.  Since the seam overlap will be exposed we don't want to drag tons of attention to it.

Receiving Blankets: My super surger

   6. Sew around the entire blanket edge following the shape of the blanket edge.  Run over the beginning of the overlock (zig-zag) for approximately an inch before ending.
       This will help reinforce the stitching and keep it from unraveling in the near future.

Receiving Blankets: overlapping overlocking

   7. Clip the seams, fold up pretty, and gift away!  I staked the blankets together and tied with a bow, skipping the wrapping paper 'cause they're cute!

Receiving Blankets: All Done!!!

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Inder-ific said...

These are great. I made sure to point them out to Krishna yesterday and say, "Andrea made these!!" She was duly appreciative (especially not knowing about the 15 minute thing - I will continue to let her think that you "hand-serged" the edges).