House Week 2: Who needs a roof anyways?

The demo work is nearly done!  They finished tearing out *all* of the kitchen and have moved up to the roof.  It's pretty exciting to walk into your house and see the sun shining in through the ceiling.

Wk2: Back of the house, beginning of no roof

Wk2: Who needs a roof

Wk2: I might have picked a different piece of wood for the framing...

I have begun Phase A: trying to remove the 6 to 8 layers of paint on the original windows (which will be put back in their rightful place at the front of the house) and original doors.  The different layers of colors are amazing.  Who knew that anyone had a turquoise colored exterior to their home four layers back (guessing the 70's?).  Since the house was originally built back in 1921 i don't think anyone has "removed" paint prior to putting more on top.  The paint "rings" seemed to go newest to oldest:

* White
* Beige
* Baby Blue
* Deep Red (so far only on the windows)
* Turquoise
* Off White
* Tan
* ???? [haven't conquered the tan yet...]

To help with the removal of the paint i knew i didn't want the super toxic standby, i wanted to use something that could be washed into the grass without it glowing in the dark.  I found an awesome product that even smelled like oranges!  Citristrip, and it actually worked!  Today i layed out the bathroom room and a couple of windows to get going on my phase of removal.  The Citristrip went on super easy and even...and came off nearly as easy.  I found that leaving things in full sun for a couple of hours before getting to them the product dried and was more difficult to get off, but i just sprayed a bit of water onto the surface and was able to get it up super easy!  I don't know if i'm enjoying stripping off paint, but i am super excited about being able to see all of the molding details on my windows once i get this all done.

Wk 2: Paint Removal - 4 Original Windows

Wk 2: Paint Removal - The removed bathroom door!!!

Wk 2: Paint Removal - Paint Removed Window

Well, one side of one door and one side of two windows down.  Only 14 sides of windows and 9 sides of doors to go!!!

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