House Week 6: The Calm before the Storm

I am enjoying a few minutes on my new front lawn while I wait for Plywood to magically appear that I need to inspect and sign for. It's been a good paced day leading up to the arrival of the parental units. Eariler today Urban Ore picked up the modern windows, doors, and toilet I will be replacing with perfect timing as I need the room for the plywood, in like 15 minutes. I also got an update that I will not be doing much baking in the new home until the fall. Unfortunately the beautiful stove is super backordered until then, but I'll survive.

Tomorrow marks day one of beginning to put the house ba k together. The plan is to start putting the exterior walls Saturday and pick up the front and back doors i have purchased from Urban Ore and Omega Salvage. Sunday will be more walls, as will Monday, and Tuesday ... you get the point.

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