Let the Costuming Countdown Begin!

So i have 8 1/2 weeks to complete all of my costume goodies for Steam-Con.  Ummm... Yes, i could you a very hard kick in the pants to get moving.  All of last week should have been spent sewing, but alas.  I decided it was much more enjoyable to read, take long baths, and go to the movies.  None of which have helped me prepare for the trip.  Tonight i finally found some motivation and got moving.  I cut out the petticoat for the Checked Wool Costume and should have no problem sewing it up over the next couple of days.  This week i need to complete the petticoat, traveling bustle, and begin working on the Checked Wool Costume if i'm going to get three outfits completed in less than 2 months.  Ahhh!!!

The petticoat will be a quick sew as this is #2.  I am using the same pattern, with an added scoop to the CB to accommodate a bustle, that was used for my first petticoat.  I found a super cute woven fabric the shade of un-dyed muslin with a plaid weave style running throughout the fabric and have cut out a heavy un-dyed muslin lining.  It will be a bit heavy, but super cute, and the weight will be necessary to stand up against the wool, heavy twill, and velveteen of the Check Wool Costume.  Also things are going tons faster since the purchase of my fantastic dress form.

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