Vampires delaying my knitting!

Knitting was totally brought on the vacation...i swear!!!  The problem was that so was two large books that i wanted to tear through immediately.  I got a little sucked into the Stephanie Meyer Vampire Books.  A little sucked in equals the first two books (Twilight | New Moon) in one week prior to the trip and the last two books (Eclipse | Breaking Dawn) in 5 days.  Yep, the trip consisted of me somehow managing to read 1300 pages in 5 days, yea for someone else driving and motion sickness medication!  Now that i'm through them...i liked them!  Not my Anne Rice Vampires, these ones are sparkly cute vegetarians...but fun!  They were all quick reads and totally read like film.  Not heavy books, thus the "teen" section at the library.  I guess there is a 5th book | Breaking Dawn | with some nonsense surrounding it.  The letters and such seem a bit overly dramatic for someone posting a copy of the book early, considering how popula the series is, but i get the author is hurt by the whole thing.  Has anyone else read these or kept up with the drama over the 5th book?

Well the "Real" books in the series have all been read and book 4 even said The End so i have been able to rejoin the world of the knitting.  Toe up socks!  These are so quick and easy.  After only two daqys i have nearly a whole socks done and no crazy instructions were followed for turning the heel.  I think i still prefer the top down socks in final appearance and the working both from the very first stitch to the last.  One pretty Sunny Sock nearly complete ... his brother is on the way ;)

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