Adventures in the Mojave Airplane Graveyard

The fact that i didn't melt says a lot about my determination to see the awesome planes through the 100F degree heat.  It kinda hurts to look at the dirt and see all of the heat just sitting on top of it.  Next time this is totally a November trip, the desert is awesome at night in the winter.

The day began with a late arrival at the Mojave Airport & Space Center, late meaning about noon.  We followed the minimal instructions we could find online and headed for building number 58 under the tower.  Score!  Found a person who explained all, and were told that the guy who would take us on the van tour was just heading out for lunch and to come back at 1pm.  It couldn't sound better as i was expecting to roam around in the desert on foot for a few hours at mid day and pass out, the thought of an air conditioned van sounded like bliss.

To kill some time Denny's was sought out for a milkshake, my sweet tooth is unsatisfiable some times.  Yummy!  Then back to the tower for the awesome tour.

The tour was awesome!  We ventured back into the office under the tower for the van ride, after paying $10 total for the van ride that could accommodate 8 easily.  A couple of things learned from the tour
* Tour Guide for over 23 year = Javier = awesome!!!
* Van tours started in 1991 when they got tired of tourists trying to run out on the runway.
* Previously the tourists could only walk up to the runway and looked at the planes from a distance.
* Waterworld and Speed were filmed here
* A crazy old commercial came up about people right after smoking was banned inside planes... Javier told the tale of cute women sitting on the wings of a plane smoking while fake stewardess' served them to say it should be ok to smoke on a plane.

Awesome place...

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