Bustle Appropiate Petticoat and Traveling Bustle Complete

This week was all about getting the under garments for the Checked Wool Costume complete and ready for me to begin fitting the garments next week...and i did it!  I finished the petticoat that has the extra length for the bustle to be worn underneath as the over garments require a bustle.  I again used the Truly Victorian pattern for Victorian Petticoats #TV170 selecting view B (small bustle back, flat front).  For the outer fabric i found a plaid weave linen in unbleached cotton.  The entire petticoat is lined with a heavy unbleached muslin.  And again all clean finished seams.  It will be great to have a petticoat that works with a bustle!

Truly Victorian #TV170 Victorian Petticoat with bustle extra length | Front   Truly Victorian #TV170 Victorian Petticoat with bustle extra length | Side   Truly Victorian #TV170 Victorian Petticoat with bustle extra length | Back over traveling bustle 

Also i drafted a pattern for a "traveling bustle".  An under garment to help with the bustle effect on the back and be completely fold-able.  I did some rough math and then went for it.  I am very pleased with how the traveling bustle came out (Full instructions to follow in separate post).  The petticoat above is shown with the traveling bustle underneath.  It gave it a perfect 2 1/2" extra length in the back.  Some pretty pictures!

Traveling Bustle | Stiching together    Traveling Bustle |

Trains Traveling Bustle | Side View    Trains Traveling Bustle | Back View

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Trish said...

You drafted your own travel bustle? Ohhhh! Can you post instructions on how you did that?! I'd love to be able to drive to a steam punk convention without having to get dressed in the parking lot or one of the public restrooms. A fabric bustle like that could do the trick! Is it really just concentric half circles?