Sunny Sock Sunset

The Sunny Socks are done!!! They were the fantastic trip knitting for the two weeks of camping and they were tons of fun. I love the colors. I am not a bright colors gal, but there is something about bright socks i adore. I had some cotton sock yarn and was itching to give it a try. The socks came out mostly ok. Since they are cotton there is not a lot of give. They aren't too big, but they do stand away from the ankle a bit. Also they have not been washed or blocked. I'm guessing if i treat them like socks, washer and dryer, they will shrink up to the perfect fit. I enjoyed the traveling eyelet pattern. It's nice to have something interesting on the sock but to not have to stare at a pattern all the time to get it. I will definitly do these again as there is no need for the instructions. The short row toe is easy and neat as well is the short row heel. Paired with the roaming eyelets my only complaint was not being able to knit both socks together on one circular needle at the same time. The only reason this doesn't work is because at the ankle you need to move stitch from one needle to another to keep the eyelet pattern seam less. I think the next pair may have a zigzag instead of a ring to the eyelet placement to allow for two at a time knitting.

Sunny Toe Up Socks | Feets  Sunny Toe Up Socks | Foot

Sunny Toe Up Socks | Short Row Heel  Sunny Toe Up Socks | Short Row Toe

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