Beginning of the Road/Camping trip and socks

Last night the Fall journey began.  The first leg of the trip is from the bay area down through the Mojave Desert with a peek in to the Airplane Graveyard and continuing onto Vegas for a few days.  So far so good!  I would of course would prefer a bit cooler weather than the heat that the inland areas are currently going through, but all in all it's not bad.  With the first section of the leg done i'm excited about the Airplane Graveyard in the morning.  It should be some awesome sightseeing and it would be great to get some photos of older planes.  Message me if ya want a postcard.

In the car, in the dark, i decided to cast on for a new pair of socks.  Ummm...i actually can't read or see in the dark...especially enough to start toe-up socks, a project i have never done or read the instructions for before.  Hehehehe...  I'm sure some of the passer-bys in their cars got a good giggle out of watching me trying to hold up my knitting and instructions into the headlights shinning behind me.  Once the hotel was reached i pulled out the socks and gave the instructions a good going through and so far today i have gotten through nearly the first toe!

I am using a cotton yarn i picked up at Color: A Fiber Festival a little while ago.  It's a gorgeous yellow Sunny Socks : )

(This post brought to you by free internet from the Desert Inn Hotel...yea for unsecured wireless!!!)

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