Pirates, Cannons, and Beautiful HATS!!!

This weekend was the Pirate Faire in Vallejo, CA on the waterfront.  Fantastic location that makes for super pretty pictures.  I finished and debuted the Edwardian Underthings set i've been working on in the shadow strip cotton.  Perfect for the weather with a parasol.  Some pictures of me and me mateys. 

Kathleen and Cranes   Tracey ... Arg!!!   Jason and Me on the Waterfront

Some of my favorite things were the fantastic Black Cheery Cider, the interesting carnival games (Axe Throwing!!!), amazing costumes, but bestest of the best was ... all of the fantastic hats!  People definitely went all out on the hats and it showed!  My two *very* favorites were the Marie Antoinette Ship/Feathers/Butterfly ensemble (on left) and the Straw Birds Nest (on right).  There are also pictures of the gorgeous dresses that accompained each womans hat.  The Dress with the Birds Nest Hat had a super cute shirred up back bustle style in a super cute black and skinny white striped fabric.

Pirate Ship Hat (Hat only)   Bird Nest Hat worn with Black and White Dress

Admists all of the hats goodness i was bewitched and decided i must have one of my own!  Yes, i've started making hats...but there was this amazing hat done in a molded felt (something i *haven't* gotten to yet) that called my name.  I purchased my new favorite hat from Sidney Rice "W the house of Wormwood".  The Hat came with a specially designed hat pin for said hat.  Now i just need to make an outfit to wear it withas i own *nothing* in these colors.  Keep your fingers crossed, she is looking for more of the ribbon othat is on the hat which i will totally need to deck out an outfit.  I've already got a black and camel Edwardian suit running around in my head screaming to be made (and worn to the Steamcon in Seattle)...

"Camel Hat" by Sidney Rice   "Camel Hat" by Sidney Rice   Hat Pin made for "Camel Hat" by Sidney Rice

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LUSD Insurance Discussion said...

Oh mi gosh, I saw her hats and there are possessive dogs with bones that don't drool as much as I did over those hats!
Did you see the grey one? The one with the light bulb and gears, conduit and I think a fuse? It is seared in my memory.
My family moved out of state (I follow in a month) and all my steampunk bitz are in the basement far far away! She said that I could mail her bitz and she would do stuff to them and put them on a custom made hat.

And, creating an entire outfit around those hats.... TOTALLY Justifiable!