Socks be done!

This evening was a fantastic night starting off with some weeding of the backyard, which yes...means that i'm home!!!  Post fantastic left over tamales Mom's socks were picked up with *only* the toes to finish.  A new episode of Cast On took me up to the kitchner's stitch and voila, a finshed pair of socks that are only 8 months late.  To my credit this is the second attempt at knitting socks for Ma as the beautiful cables on the first pair had NO stretch and thus did not fit a 6-year old girl child.  These on the otherhand have a fantastic amount of stretch, but not stretch out and i think mother will enjoy them greatly.  Now back to our original programming of stuff for me.

Twilight Handknit Socks for Ma   Twilight Handknit Socks for Ma

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