Some Attention for the Backyard / Prepping for Garden Time

My poor sad backyard and i are finally taking a few evenings to get reacquainted.  The grass is nearly dead, the lemon tree's leaves are yellowing, and the weeds were in full control.  After two days of loving the leaves have been cleared from under the trees (will someone please tell Berkeley it's not Autumn?).  I weeded the back yard and gave the lemon tree some food.  Now there is space for goodies!!!  Some space means i've probably got enough space for 4 or 5 small things around the lemon tree.

Over the years here i have grown bell peppers, hot thai peppers, cilantro, greeen onions, and a failed attempts at strawberries and a couple of other things.  The Peppers were tasty and the cilantro is a never ending sight of joy.  Yes, it's only 35 cents at Berkeley Bowl...but i like pulling it out of MY GARDEN.  Oh so rewarding.  So i'm thinking of trying the following this year with fingers crossed as the weather has decided to be Spring instead of Summer again for awhile.

Plants I'm ready to purchase and Plant...
* Cilantro (Main Stay and Must Have)
* Green Onions (Main Stay)
* Rosemary (There is a big open space behind the leon tree that could support a bush...)

Plants under investigation...
* Basil
* Bell Peppers
* Jalapenos

The investigations will continue over the next few days while i check out growing requirements (sun/shade, size, etc.)  I found an awesome website about herbs, Culinary Herb Guide, where they discuss growing considerations, harvesting, drying, when to replace, and even some herb garden designs based on how much space you have.  Fantastic site that totally helped with the Rosemary selection.  THe plan is to hit up some of the Nurseries on Friday, take some pictures, and start some lists.  I want to get it going, but i also want to do my homework so i do it right, and once!  Here are a couple of local Nurseries i found online.  Recommentations/advice greatly appreciated! : )

East Bay Nursery
Dwight Yabusaki's Way Nursery
Dry Garden (no website, near Shattuck and Ashby)

And a pretty picture to make me want to work in the garden all year from Berlin.

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