Super Find: Betty "Birdie" Draper Dress

Last month i went to an estate sale that was posted on the GBACG yahoo group.  Very little there, but looking under the tables provided a gorgeous dress...the Betty "Birdie" Draper Dress.  Appropriately named after the beautiful wife of the character Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men.  If you haven't seen this, go watch the first two seasons, you will not be disappointed.  Oh the 60's started with some beautiful fashions, all very much represented in this show.


The dress and i had love at first sight.  Unfortunately some others have not loved the dress as i am.  There are some stains on the front that look like water stains maybe?  Any tips/tricks on removing stains out of the old polyester style fabrics?  Also some of the "rhinestones" have fallen out of the buttons.  I'm really excisted about restoring this dress this summer.  Also it fits fantastically so it's only cosmetic changes.  Very lucky find!

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