Yarn Crawl (NYC): Habu Textiles and Yarn - AND - School Products

After being in new york for nearly one week i was finally able to get out of the office without a companion wanting to join me for dinner.  I had been waiting all week for this opportunity and here it was!  Two stores were on list as must see's.

First was Habu Textiles and Yarn's Showroom/Studio.  I have always admired their yarns.  Such basic fibers and beautiful finishes.  They are beyond hidden in a barley marked building.  It took over 15 minutes of looking at the different enterances to figure out *how* exactly to get into the building.  I felt like i was being tested.  That only the *worthy* were allowed into the Habu sancutary.  Finally i passed the test, said the magic words (signed in at the front desk), and was in an elevator climbing up to the eigth floor to Habu.  Finally after navigating the labyrinth between the elevator doors and the garden of yarn i was wonderfully rewarded with a 15% off sale!  There were baskets on the floor in the main room with beautiful yarns all begging me to take them home, alas i could not justify a $100 yarn purchase for a cami...but other things were justified ; )

* NS-2B - Wool Crepe (Grey)
* A-19 - 2/28 Frisbee (Black)
* A-165 - 2/30 Ramie (Denim Blue)
* N-61 - Printed Cotton Gima (Olive Green, Forest Green, and Purple) <-- This was screaming scarf from across the room!



Next was a short walk over to School Products.  I never get to either of these places on my NY trips because they both close at 6pm each night and have weird weekend hours.  I'm *super* glad that both made it into this trip!  School Products was all about the bulk.  Next time i want to knit a sweater i'm comin here first!  More one pound cones then i've sen anywhere else.  And really good prices too!  Unfortunately the suitcase was bursting at the seams when i arrived (2 week stay with only carry-on luggage, that's how i roll...hehehe).  The physical location was awful.  Another hidden on a random floor place, but it helped me to understand that new york is all about the hidden gem.  Extremely sweet owner, and very knowledgeable.  He told me all about how much he likes Stash in Berkeley.  THe story goes his wife wrote a knitting book a few years ago and on her book tour they stopped in Stash.  I guess it was one of their favorite places on the tour and kept in his memory...random!

* Hand Dyed Cashmere/Silk/Wool Blend Sock Yarn (Lavender and Olive Green)  <--Totally would have bought more if everything i had picked up wasn't 600+ yards!  I'll get you my little sweater...



Habu has definitly been added to the "Make Time for no matter what" list for NYC, and i won't plan another sweater without checking out School Products.  Now onto some knitting...

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