Stitches West: Day One - Setup with Tactile

Today was, but fun!  I have fallen in love with the train.  Well i fell in love with the train four years ago during my first trip to Japan.  The easy life of not going through customs or having people complain i have too much Shampoo in my bag.  I was very pleasantly surprised this morning as i boarded the Amtrak in Berkeley that train life in the states wasn't too far off.  Nice quiet ride with plenty of room for me and all of my stuff.  I worked on the lace edging for my Polonaise, that has yet to be created, the whole way there and on the way this evening.  I swear lace pictures will follow ; )

Today consisted of helping Tactile setup their booth at Stitches West.  The whole Stitches West thing is new to me and i had no idea what to expect.  OMG it's huge!  Like Fanime at the SJ Convention Center huge!  YEA!!!  Yarn, Fiber, crafty bliss!!!  So the setup began around noon and proceeded until 5pm when the students got to come in and browse the floor as early birds.  The booth is beautiful and i go back to tomorrow to improve my skillz of selling and writing receipts.

Before any setup as i await my cohorts

The Booth in *most* of it's glory

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Sile Convery said...

i love the before and after pics---the booth looks fab.