Costume Update

Time isn't something i've had much of lately.  The weekend consisted of packed fun!  My brother and a friend of his were visiting for the weekend and we went to my first Roller Derby on Saturday night!  I had a blast!  The SF ShEvil Dead Girls' costumes are super cute!  Very women work camp/Alcatraz 30's/40's goodness.  It got me thinkin how much i've been missing working on costumes for others.  Yea, i barley have time to make myself a corset...but there is something to be said for group activities.  Time to start lookin for some new opportunities for costuming the world ; )

I the land of home i have made massive progress since friday.  The corset has been fit and the lining cut out!  The bloomers have been fit, new WB drafted, and lining at the WB has been cut out.  I still need to draft the cuff pattern...but i'm holding off til i get the majority of the bloomers sewn as i keep having different "perfect" ideas.  Must wait and assess.  I've very happy with the progress i've made and can't wait to move onto cutting the main fabric tomorrow and getting started on the sewing.

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