Basting Corest Panels and the Bloomers are Coming Alive

Tonight consisted of a trip to JoAnn's for some duck cloth for the inside of the corset.  Call me paranoid, but i don't want all of the silk and satin to come ripping part if i decide to move in my corset.  I found a nice medium weight black cloth.  All of the self corset panels have been basted to the cloth for stability.  Also the bloomers just few together.  Waistband didn't take 10 minutes to sew up and the legs in about the same amount of time.  Here is a picture of the progress.  Oh beautiful spiral binding how i love thee so.  I love living in Berkeley with Lacis a meer bike ride away.

The Corest is an adjusted Laughing Moon Silverado - #100 Ladies Victorian Underwear

The Bloomers are a drastically altered (nearly all shirring removed) Laughing Moon Riding Costume - #110 Ladies 1890's Sporting Costumes

The goal is to sew the complete corest over the next 3 evenings so i can work on the bias attaching while in NY next week, along with the lace i'm knitting for another costume.  Beautiful lace pictures coming.

Also - STICHES WEST!!!  Oh course this is this weekend, a crazy busy weekend, a weekend that also includes Wondercon.  Oh well.  You only die once...right?

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