Dress Forms Oh My!

So if sewing and costuming is really in my future i will most definitely need to invest in a dress form.  I don't have any desire to take the time to make myself one.  I really just want to buy something, have it shipped, do a few *minor* adjustments and begin usage!  I've looked online at a lot of different forms.  I've decided that the "adjustable dial" forms aren't for me.  Being busty these forms never have the right shape and i don't want to have to "stuff" my dress form.  I came across a brand called Uniquely You.  Their forms are made from a combination of a foam base and an "overdress" that you can alter to fit your shape.  Once you "fit" yourself into the the forms over dress it will be your body ... the dress form version!  This sounds awesome.  It was reassuring to find Farthingales Fabrics endorsing the form.

Maybe a little too awesome to be true?  Has anyone used these forms?  What form do you use/love?

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