Gothic: Dark Glamour - AND - Seduction Exhibits @ FIT in NY

I had not been to the museum at FIT before.  Pretty impressive the shows they put on!  There are currently two different shows.  One they didn't seem to mind if i took pictures, where the other they nearly jumped me...  So we have purty pictures from "Seduction" i took, and beautiful pictures from "Gothic: Dark Glamour" that i've scrounged up from other websites.

The exhibit opens with beautiful corsetery examples from the early 1800's, paired with gorgeous chemises and slips.  They continue into the mid to late 1800's and show some garments with exquisite details.  The garments all appeared to be truly from the period and have been preserved by the museum.

"Gothic: Dark Glamour"
This exhibit was different. First it required going down an old metal staircase to the lower level, which took me more then a few minutes to find. Walking in you find yourself with three different shadow style windows displaying mannequins in various gothic/mourning style clothing. Some originally from the early 1900's and some from Lip Service's last season. A little odd...but they made it work. On the opposite wall there was a gorgeous display of accessories. Everything from silver bat necklaces to a real pig skin top hat that have a giant bat painted on the top and brim (shown below), crazy!!! After wondering if this was it a small someone go in a side door, there happened to be a giant room with tons of dresses and coats all on mannequins in the room! There were no signs and i would have never knew that was part of the exhibit if i was a bit overly daring at opening doors (they already yelled about no pictures so i figured they'd let me know if they didn't want me behind the door). Here are some pictures from the show. Beautiful stuff that was truly inspiring for my new costuming craze. I came back to the room and promptly ordered the show catalog book and it should be waiting for me when i get home. Now i just need to do some mannequin shopping...



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