Death Note and Star Skirt-ness

Here is a picture of the current progress on the Star Skirt. I've finished about 5-1/2" of 23". It's going pretty fast, just watching movies to keep be interested. It's difficult as 95% of the skirt is K, K, K, K, K... you get the point. Every now and again i get to do this crazy thing where i knit 5 together, don't release the stitches, K5tog, and again to make the beautiful fun stars. The problem is doing this even once is crazy hard and doing it 3 ties in a row 8 times around the circumference of the skirt is not great fun. But apart from missing some of the sub-titles for the Live Action Death Note movies the skirt has been a pretty "blind" knitting adventure, letting me catch up on some media.

I'm sooo happy i bought a cheap stitch counter to use with this project. It's tons easier then marking or writing down my progress here and there all over the pattern. Good $2 : )

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