Drop Spindle | Roving | What does is all mean?!?!?

Essentially it means i have found yet another way for me to enjoy yarn/knitting/crafty good~ness : )

Last Sunday i took my first Drop Spindle class at Knit-One-One. The class was the first of two on the basics and I learned:
  • How to "Pre-Draft" the "roving" (loose fiber pre-yarn good~ness) prior to starting
  • How to create a "Lead" for the single (which is one ply of finished yarn)
  • How to spin the Drop Spindle and start to form the singles by pulling the "twist" into the fiber
On the left is my VERY first singles i created patrially in class and then continued on at home. The right is the Drop Spindle i got in got class and some white fiber i'm currently spinning.
Here is my "Homework" roving that i need to spin and winde into balls to learn "plying" next week in class. I'm not so big on the orange...but i'm learning so i won't be so hurt if i screw it all up...but i've been doing REALLY good so far.
And here is what happens when i get excited and start to learn something new. On the right is some cotton/hemp my teacher gave me as a challenge. This stuff is SUPER hard because the fiber length is so short (something like 2"-4"). Most wool has something like a 4"-7" fiber length so the stick together for a while and you don't have to worry as much about the thickness when you're drafting. Wool = good learning yarn. On the left is what i bought DIRECTLY after class as i drove straight to Article Pract to get some additional roving to work with. I basically pictured myself spinning all week...which clearly has not happened by looking at the pile of homework i have to complete in the next 48 hours. I bought some camel/silk, but have not looked at the fiber length yet...but it will be a hat! I think it's important to make something, albeit small/easy, with a medium as you start to give yourself some encouragement. And if it's not even i'll just use the thick/thin yarn bucket hat pattern i love. It's sooo purty!

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