No! I don't want to get out of bed!

Stupid allergies from hell! Today was not a day for "time to get up" to encourage me to do anything but fall back asleep...multiple times. I'm going through allergy painfulness and am super glad that i have my cute blue scarf and matching headband to save the day and keep me cozy while i sit at work for th next few hours trying disparately to escape.

Florian Sweater:
Well i'm back onto the sweater after MUCH too long of a break if i'm going to meet my "finished in April" time line. I've got the front and back done, and started the first sleeve last night. I'd forgotten how much i LOVED this yarn. I never would have thought i'd like ribbon yarn so much. Well it's a small pain to knot with, but it makes up for it in style ; )

The BROWN scarf:
Almost done with Jason's matching scarf. Too bad i didn't start it like 3 months ago when he could have used it, but oh well! It's almost done and will wait for him until it gets cold again. I'm going to try and "soften" the scarf and hat. This will be a first and an experiment. Wish me luck!

Socks anyone???:
Well i ordered a book, needles, and some yarn for a sock pattern i fell in love with. This will be the first pair of socks and i'm SUPER excited!!! The goal is to start making socks as fast as i was turning out hats for everyone a few years ago so i've got GREAT hand knit christmas presents for all. Wish me LOTS of luck ; )

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