Skirt "Star"-ted

Last night i did my duty, and did swatches with the yarn i chose (2nd Time Cotton) for the "Star Stitch Skirt". I just could NOT get down to the gauge the pattern called for. I was 10% off. Light bulb! I thought "This is cotton yarn and i'm going to WANT to wash and dry this skirt with the T-shirts and jeans ... lets put the swatch through the wash/dry and see what happens". Well this great idea both proved that i CAN wash and dry the skirt without injury - AND - i mostly have the gauge (off by like 2%).

Tonight i got home and cast on all my 156 stitches and went to it. Damn does it take a while to get through all of those stitches! Well after two hours of going round and round, i put it down for the evening. I'm thinking this will be a great "couch movie/anime time" project as most of the time i just knit, knit, knit...

Needle Note: To hit the gauge with the 2nd Time Cotton I've moved to sz 4/3.5mm (WB) and sz 6/4mm (Body)

Pattern Change: The pattern calls for 1/2" elastic, but i think with the added weight of the yarn and my general bad luck I'm going to go for 1-1/4" elastic and casing. This should ensure it can support it's weight, and that it doesn't pinch in too much on my shape either.

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