Just a "little" yarn crazy

I decided it was time to learn socks (buying mentioned in previous post)...but this has lead to additional buying as other projects are starting to finish up. I decided i "needed" some new yarn on friday and took myself out to Article Pract to purchase some. Bad idea! I spent WAY too much money, but i got great yarn! I also decided i'm going to make a ... skirt!!! This is going to be awesome! I got this great recycled cotton yarn that will be beautiful! The skirt is not allowed to be started until i finish the sweater...but that should be in the next few days and i only have to finish the other sleeve. I made a deal with myself that i don't have to have it all sewn up yet. With that i can take my time since it needs to be blocked and i'm super afraid. Can anyone help me with blocking? :(

Well onto pretty pretty yarn!

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