Skirt Madness, and the aftermath...

Well i can proudly say that the skirt is NEARLY done. I've been super busting my ass lately and it's really paying off. I've got about 8 more pattern rows and then 8 bottom boarder rows. I'm shooting to have it finished by the end of the week so that i can get elastic and completely finish it off over the weekend.

Unfortunately work has been trying to thwart my efforts to finish the skirt by giving me tons to do. I do not like this sam i am! But it paid for the yarn, so no real complaints. Work has to be done by close of business tomorrow, so tomorrow will be typing, typing, and making a few screen shots here and there and trying to emailed advice from my boss about what he "wants". This may sound easy, but it's not, especially when the boss is on the other side of the states at a conference all week. Arg! Oh well. Here i come better judgment.

I'm really liken how the skirt is turning out. I can't wait to start the first pair of socks and get back to my vegas shawl in the coming weeks. Also looking at a pair of legwarmers (damn i need to show T patterns). It will be nice to knit something for someone else, it's been awhile with Christmas having been such a bust. Look out skirt...this is your week! : )

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