Three Stranded Computer Gloves | Birthday Gift

Three Stranded Computer GlovesI love when i have the time to sit down and hand craft a gift for a friend for a special occasion, like a birthday!  Over the last few years a lot of my friends have been getting shuffled all over the US offering me the ability to knit some darn warm items for those in the North East.  With the approaching birthday of one such friend i decided something warm and practical would be the most appropriate as they spend a lot of time working with the computer … fingerless gloves!  I milled around for a week looking for the perfect pattern, found it and then milled around for another week looking for the perfect yarn.  Little did i know i was looking for two yarns to achieve the right amount of fuzz, warmth, and function.

The base yarn selected was Alchemy Haiku in 07c - Sugar Mountain to be paired with Habu Textiles A-34 2/26 Cashmere in grey.  Both beautiful yarns, and both in a super light fingering weight.  Luckily double stranding the Alchemy with a single strand of the Habu gave me darn close to the requested gauge, and a super soft fabric.

This was my first foray into the realm of knitting things for the hands, apart from the mushroom wristlets which are still just tubes.  I selected a pattern that looked relatively plain, with just a hint of fanciness to help the beautiful yarns shine – Susie's Reading Mitts by Janelle Masters.  I was impressed at how easy the instructions were to follow for a first time thumb gusset-ter.  Also the pattern was enjoyable with a great mix of some basic time killing stockinette paired with a couple simple yet beautiful lace insert.  These knit up in just over a week, perfect time to pop them in the mail for the birthday gal!

Here is a link to the Ravelry post.

Three Stranded Computer Gloves

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