A Merry-Go-Round Christmas Adventure

So there has been absolutely no time for travel with the housing adventures, and really no money either…so i’ve decided to start exploring my own “backyard” per sea and start checking out what it has to offer.  For Christmas in particular i needed a snazzy destination to help fill the void left by growing up with parents that actually own 6’ tall nutcrackers that line their garage throughout the holidays and lights that run off the computer with sound accompaniment; coupled with being less than an hour from Disneyland…a lot to live up to.  I scoured and searched online and a couple of papers looking for a super lights fantastic street to help jump start my holiday spirit; nothing!  And i mean not a single street listed anywhere.  There were a couple of houses listed within 30 miles, but i’m not driving that far to look at a single lit house, lame.

Though there were no neighborhoods for me to wander there was one place that stood out and having awesome potential to fill an hour or so of wandering around … the Tilden Merry-Go-Round!  It’s definitely the closest thing to DL up here i’ve found so far (that isn’t creepy fairytale land).  I went on the Wednesday night before Christmas and they had a Santa, Hot Chocolate, Carmel Corn, and tons of other tasty treats.  A much better environment to take your kids to see Santa then the mall.

The lawn was strewn with all types of neon signs for all of the different holiday events and cute little scenes.   I love the Cacti!!!

Welcome Angels  The Road to Candy Land (house)  Yes, they have christmas in the desert

The Merry-Go-Round is a beautiful historic item in the Tilden Park, and it’s indoors.  For the holidays they decorated themed Christmas Trees (when seems to have been the trend this year) placed all around the exterior perimiter of the Merry-Go-Round inside.  The trees were georgeous and tons of fun, i wonder if they were done as a contest or just by the people who work there?  Tree “Themes” as interpirited by me (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Traditional, Bird/Child Cage (my Favorite), Candy Store (actually in the candy store), the Devil?  maybe Mardi Gras? Archery, Country Christmas

Christmas Tree - Theme: Traditional?   Christmas Cage...for small children   Christmas Tree - Theme: Candy Store

Christmas Tree - Theme: Even Devil Worshippers like Christmas!   Christmas Tree - Theme: Weapons like Bow and Arrows   Christmas Tree - Theme: Country

After wandering around in the fantastically warm room for a bit i decided to head out.  Normally i would not pass up a ride on a Merry-Go-Round but we are talking about a 45 minute line to ride on a fake animal for 3 minutes…pass!  On the way out i noticed EVIL penguins stealing Santa’s Mail!!!  I always wondered where my letters went, next year i’ll be prepared!

Evil Penguins from the Post Office

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