House Week 30: Hours with the Daisies

This week on the continuing adventures of “Home of Jones” we finally obtain tile.  All week the tile guy has been spacing and gluing down tile for the floor and shower pan/walls.  Like all of the other things i have seen come together for the house it was simply amazing to watch and see the tile all laid out in the bathroom.  The amount of “Period” it has already added to the house is fantastic, the daisies and hexagon tiles are perfect!  Can’t wait to get the tub, sink, and toilet into the room to pull it all together!

Here are a couple of close-ups of the daises, which even after posting about for nearly a month i am STILL not sick of…i love these!!!  Top is a daisy for the corner of the room also showing the room border.  Next is a close-up after being glued down.  Lastly a shot of them all in a row.

House Wk 30: Daisy and the Border

House Wk 30: Daisy     House Wk 30: The Profile of the tile

Friday afternoon entailed nearly 3 hours of pulling apart glued tile sheets to create daises and playing with positioning them on the floor to not look busy.  It will *definitely* be worth the effort over the years.  Here are some pictures of the shower pan and walls … i can’t wait to move in!!!!!!

House Wk 30: Shower nearly complete

House Wk 30: Shower Pan Dam Top Edge     House Wk 30: Shower Walls

After all of the bathroom tile experiences and how beautiful it is a can’t wait to save up some cash and have the kitchen and laundry room done.  It’s amazing how much these little period details can transport you back in time, at least to the utopia i imagine for the 20’s in my mind.  I’m glad reality isn’t the only thing the human brain can live in.

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