Leg Warmers | Things to Keep Me Warm While i Craft For Others

Simple Lavender LegsI have no idea what is going on with the weather here in the Bay, i mean lows of 35F at night are just not our norm and i am C-O-L-D!  So to ensure that i keep moving my hands to attempt the crazy Christmas Crafting deadlines i am needing something to help me not freeze to death…enter new Leg Warmers!  I have never been able to knit or sew with fingerless gloves on so those were out, but i am a totally freak about keeping my legs warm.  Ever since i was a kid i thought all of those people wearing giant puffy jackets and cut off shorts in the winter were crazy, and not in the fun you want to hang out with them kind of way either.  I mean the type of crazy where you don’t let your kids talk to them because they might convince them that the world is flat.

So needless to say, legwarmers have been a part of my life since i was single digit age.  I have a pair from my Mom that are the perfect long, black, snug legwarmers from the 70’s that you just can’t buy anymore and while i love them i know that i should not wear them everyday.  Thus entered some super cute camouflage leg warmers two years ago.  These have been a fantastic addition to my wardrobe and have weathered many parts of the US and Europe during their time, but they just don’t look fantastic with everything so they need a buddy to help split the load with during these cold dark times.

The pattern is from the same set as the camo set, but instead i decided to go super plain with the basic stockinette stitch with a color changing yarn.  They are coming along super fast with nearly 50% of the knitting done in just 3 days of part time knitting!

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