Stitches West: Day Three - Enterlac Learning, 50% off bulk yarns, and a Shawl Pin

My last day at Stitches West had a nice late start with a class at 1:30pm.  I decided since i had such an abbreviated schedule for the day i would drive, nice move.  I left about 12:15 and spent an hour listening to Lolita(read by Jeremy Irons, yea!) and not hitting traffic.  Parking was free, this was also a motivating factor.  I'm used to the $15 convention Center parking of Anime Expo, Comic Con, etc.  There even *was* parking when i got there about 1pm.  I spent the next 20 minutes being run around from building to building with no one able to tell me where my class was, very poor planning Stitches people.

Finally with the class located i picked a seat in the back.  I didn't think Enterlac would be terribly difficult for me to pick up, but i wanted to take a class and this was about it that was open when i registered a few weeks after the classes were announced.  The teacher Margaret ??? walked us through the theory of Enterlac, showed examples, and passed out very clear detailed instructions.  We did it together as a class stopping after each section.  I can now do Enterlac!  Here is my progression...

Step One: Knit Base Triangles

Step Two: Knit Right Side Triangle

Step Three: Knit Rectangles

Step Four: Knit Top Triangles to Finish off piece/swatch

Next was a trek back into the Market place to look for more "Black Ice" Cotton yarn for my Vintage Sweater.  Mission accomplished!  a couple of other things slipped into my bag too ; )  Blanket yarn!  I found a very pretty Black, Blue, and Off White that will make a perfect Snowflake crocheted blanket for my bed.  Also two pounds of a beautiful variegated dark color blend yarn that is screaming to be made into a throw for the living room.  Last stop was back to the Tactile booth to procure some items that had been whispering to me for days while i sat and wrote up others gorgeous purchases.  Some Fiber blends, Yellow Sock Yarn (not for socks), and ... the Shawl Pin.  I love this shawl pin, and now need to knit a shawl for it.  Good motivation!

All in all my first Stitches West experience was fun.  It seemed slow, and it will be interesting to see what the crowds are like at wondercon by comparison.  I'm so used to the crowded Anime Cons with small children popping out of every corner, this was a nice difference.  No classes next year i think, unless it's the Japanese Knitting class.


Grenadine Girl said...

AWESOME quilt!!! And Awesome to hear about your stitches west adventure. I linked to it on my blog at

Automatic said...

Let us know if you ever get to that Molly M costume. We'd love to see the finished result and put it up on the Looking Glass Wars Site.

Thanks for Jumping into the Pool of Tears.

Looking Glass Wars Librarian