Bulk Updates and Where's dre_ah?

What have i been doing?  Well that's easy...COSTUMES!!!

Corset/Bloomers/1880's Hat - Black/Green:
* Corset - sewing the bias finished along the inside this week
* Bloomers - COMPLETE!!!  (Pictures below)
* 1880's Hat - *nearly* complete, awaiting a trim along the crown near the brim...pictures once fully complete

I've really enjoyed this set!  It's amazing how comfortable a corset *can* be when it actually fits versus just squishing you into something.  I can't wait to sew many more fantastic corsets in the pattern i've adjusted.  Who knew i loved making hats?  This was a fantastic last minute addition to the group.  It looks great!  I can't wait to make more hats!!!


Polonaise/Walking Skirt/(???) Hat
* Polonaise - Muslin fit, ready to cut the *good* stuff.  Need to purchase 1 Yard Black Satin Fabric for the bustle style flounce on the back sides (tweaking the styling a bit form the original pattern).  Lace?  Yes i've been a knitting machine!  I have nearly 75% of the basic lace trim complete.  From there i also need to knit the lace for the cuffs, but this may be a later addition to the costume depending upon "man hours" until the Sky Viewing event in April.
* Walking Skirt - Mission this weekend in NY to find the perfect 6 yards of 60" super fantastic-ness for this...no fitting required
* (???) Hat - need to pick a silhouette, Ideas anyone???  I have a bonnet, boater, 1880's, and top hat...hat patterns...and no problems buying more ; )   Planning to use the same fabric as the walking skirt to help with the accenting, but i also have 3 or so extra yards of the Polonaise fabric and could be open to something different.

Here are some pictures fom the original muslin fitting of the polonaise.  It was good through the body, but oh man did those armholes have problems.  I refit twice more just the armhole section and think i landed pretty close.  I gave the cap nearly 3/4" extra in height, dropped the armhole 1/2", decreased the across front/shoulder/back to "pick up" the sleeve back onto the body.  Not drastic changes, but enough i'm glad i always sew up a muslin before cutting $200 worth of fabric out.


Where am i? This is a common question asked of me, sometime i'm not quite sure. Today it's New York for more of training...next week?  Well still new york so i guess it's not *all* up in the air.  I am enjoying the trips, but will be happy when i get to spend more then two weeks sleeping in my own bed a month.

Somewhere in last week i managed to fit in a trip to Yosemite.  Beautiful!  And Sunday morning we awoke with 6"+ of snow on the ground, no snowing on saturday night so it was a pretty wild find at 9am.  Below are some pictures of the beautiful Yosemite landscape, falls, and morning snow.  This was my first trip and i can't wait to go back and do some more exploring in fairer weather.

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