The Opera and Homeopathic Medicine

The Berkeley Opera presented "The Tales of Hoffmann".  Billed as a "Steampunk" opera. had some late 1800's inspired attire and lots of goggles.  Not totally a Steampunk poster card, but it did showcase the basics.  Very glad am i that there is more to the scene then goggles.  I don't like goggles is a giant understatement.  I dunno what it is.  I hated them when they came onto the industrial club scene in LA in the late 90's and haven't gotten over it.  It's just weird to watch everyone walking around with things that they wouldn't be able to see out of if they tried.  Believe it or not, but i really am a big beliver in the practical.  The show was fun, the singing was great.  I could have had a bit more tradgey or sadness,and a bit less love story...but that's pretty much how i feel about a lot of performances.  (You do *have* to love the Elton John glasses...)

The other part of the weekend involved lots of rest as i came home from NY having spent three nights coughing and blowing my nose in the hotel room.  I have *mostly* recovered.  Still not back into the swing, and then stupid Daylight Saving Time snuck up on me.  This never happens!  I always know when the little bugger is approaching.  All of this travel is definitly taking a toll on my oraginazation skills.

***Goal's for the week***

~ Bone Corest ~
~ Knit 10 feet of Lace ~
~ Finish Waist Closure on Bloomers ~
~ Make "Bias" taping for Corest Finishing ~

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