Journey to the Land of Buckram: Phase One - Assemblage

Last night i cut out the Buckram and Fabric for the Hat to finish off the outfit of Corset and Bloomers currently in work for the Girl Genius Ball.  Today involved a fantastic afternoon of "Costume Salon" goodness with other Bay Area Costume Guild Members (GBACG) at a sweet woman's house in the city (SF).  I brought the Buckram and wire prepared to sew all afternoon, and I am very proud to say i did.  Nearly all of the Buckram has been sewn together.  I am working on the Truly Victorian 1880's Buckram Frame hat in the Tall Crown height, beautiful!  I can't wait to start covering it with fabric.  The crown is patiently waiting to be attached to the hat and then covered in glorious fabric.  Here are some pictures of the day's progress.


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