The PVC Niddy Noddy

I had plyed yarn, and nothing to get it off of the bobbin into a pretty skein. After all of about 30 seconds of google searching i came across a gazillion different sites explaining how to make a niddy noddy out of nice and cheap PVC. I looked at the different designs, not much different you can do with the PVC. I decided to make some changes to the re-occuring stats. Here is a list of my materials:

  • (4) 6" PVC threaded 1/2" thick pipe
  • (2) 7" PVC threaded 1/2" thick pipe
  • (4) Female threaded caps 1/2" thick pipe
  • (2) T-Bar threaded 1/2" thick pipe
  • (1) Connector threaded 1/2" thick pipe
Total Cost @ Osh in Berkeley = $9.33 (with tax)

Not bad! I imrpovised the niddy noddy to be able to create a 1 yard - OR - a 2 yard group of yarn by adding the connector in the middle of the center bar. I've already used it, and i put this together 6 hours ago ; )

It is SUPER travel friendly as it breaks down and fits easily into a purse or bag.

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Theresa said...

Oh, see, now that's frightfully clever, to have it do 1 or 2 yards!